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    Rozruszniki i Alternatory
    Oferując ponad 10 500 rodzajów rozruszników i alternatorów, firma Pos Service Holland pokrywa ponad 85% zapotrzebowania w przemyśle motoryzacyjnym i rolnym
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    Od 2004 roku firma Pos Service Holland posiada własny dział rdzeni, który specjalizuje się w używanych rozrusznikach i alternatorach
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    Testery Motoplat
    Aby nie pozostawać w tyle, jeśli chodzi o rozwój technologiczny, firma Motoplat sama opracowuje oprogramowanie testerów.

D&V JBT-1 Universal Tester

The JBT-1 is the best small all-in-one Alternator and Starter bench tester on the market designed to test the latest generation computerized starters and “smart” alternators with COM, BSS, LIN and RVC - PWM control signals.


  • Tests all the latest generation alternators and starters which is ideal for part stores  and distribution centres
  • Automatically test alternators & starters with graphical indication of faults and expanded display of results which can be printed and saved
  • Capable of testing all the latest alternators with computerized serial communication protocols including BSS, LIN and RVC with PWM control signals from PCM and future models can be added with simple software updates
  • 120,000 part number database is searchable by part number, plug number or vehicle application
  • Powerful and easy to use, the all–in–one touch screen Windows based interface has been thoroughly tested for usability.
  • Built-in Tutorial and easy-to-use testing software is available in over 15 user-selectable languages
  • Software and unit specification update subscription is available via USB or a network connection
  • Step-by-step setup instructions with diagrams and text to reduce operator errors
  • Safety cover for operator safety
  • Automatic belt tension system means no heavy levers or latches to adjust
  • Easy one-hand clamping securely fixes starter for testing
  • Adjustable fixture for pad mount alternators
  • Built in digital oscilloscopes to detect alternator rectifier-diode & stator problems
  • DF & DFM terminal signal is measured and displayed on one of the oscilloscopes
  • Comprehensive test of alternator and regulator functions
  • Computer controlled variable voltage starter power supply, test solenoid pull-in with a programmable voltage
  • Analyze starter components with dynamic load and speed sensor*
  • Measures solenoid contact voltage drop, pull-hold in current, checks for contact chatter and pinion engagement
  • Built in self diagnostic mode and remote assistance available from the D&V Support Staff based in Europe, Asia and North America ensure seamless post-sale service
  • 1 HP (120V Version) / 0.75 HP (230V Version) fixed speed motor with reversible rotation and fixed load
  • Retrievable warranty statistical data
  • Popular plugs and universal harness included
  • Optional bar code reader available for quick part identification
  • Available in Grey or optional Red casing

Technical Data Measured Parameters

  • Capable of testing Automotive and Light Deisel Starters up to 3kW
  • Output Voltage 0 - 16 Volts (24V optional) 
  • Alternator Leakage 1 - 100 mAmps
  • Solenoid Voltage drop 0 - 5 Volts
  • Automatic Terminal Verification
  • Memory capacity equal to storage available on the PC
  • Starter Free Run Current 0 - 200 Amps
  • Solenoid Current 0 - 100 Amps
  • Starter Free Running Speed via Speed Sensor*
  • CE and ETL Safety Certified