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    Rozruszniki i Alternatory
    Oferując ponad 10 500 rodzajów rozruszników i alternatorów, firma Pos Service Holland pokrywa ponad 85% zapotrzebowania w przemyśle motoryzacyjnym i rolnym
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    Od 2004 roku firma Pos Service Holland posiada własny dział rdzeni, który specjalizuje się w używanych rozrusznikach i alternatorach
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    Testery Motoplat
    Aby nie pozostawać w tyle, jeśli chodzi o rozwój technologiczny, firma Motoplat sama opracowuje oprogramowanie testerów.

MSG Test Bench

MSG Alternator Test Bench Compact table test bench is used for quick and quality diagnostics of starters, alternators and voltage regulators without applying any additional measuring devices.

The test bench possesses high power, thus, units can be diagnosed under different loads. The equipment has small dimensions, it can be placed both in small service centers and big shops specialized in selling equipment. The bench includes the following diagnostic functions: testing of 12V and 24V alternators under load, 12V and 24V voltage regulators, 12V and 24V starters in idle running mode. Power supply is single-phase 220V, thus, there is no need industrial power supply. The device carries out testing of different alternators under load up to 100A. Connection of the 2nd battery is conducted from outside to the terminals on the bench body to achieve power supply of 24V for more convenient connection. Thus, usage of the 2nd battery is optional. New algorithms of testing have been implemented, meter accuracy has also been improved.